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Main advantages of UnionPowerStar-M interlightings:

IP 65; Adaptive design of the lamp which allows to change the height of the lamp suspension; Length 2,5m; t = 40C; 50 000 hours; Operation period; The optimum light balance. Red 660nm, Blue 450nm, Dark Red 620nm; Corne 60C - 300C.  Optimum luminous flux angle.

Union Power Star interlights help to:

  1. To save heat and electric energy.
  2. To get extra yeald on average 30% (depending on the selected crops and varieties).
  3. To ditribute light energy more efficiently and evenly.
  4. To grow vegetables year-round.
  5. To use greenhouse area more effectively.
  6. To use interlight as an additional tube of growth.
  7. To maintain the required microclimate in the greenhouse.
  8. More efficiently use interplanting.

Main advantages of UnionPowerStar-Top toplightings

Main advantages
Possibilities of harvesting from UNION light energy
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