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Inter-lighting phyto LED lamps


Technical specifications
Power voltage, V200-240
Power consumption, W175
Photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD), not less than, µmol/m2/s300 (10см)
Dimensions, mm (L/W/H): 2500 / 114 / 71
IP rating not less thanІР67
Warranty, year3
Price (excluding VAT)185€


Inter-lighting LED lamps «UnionPowerStar» for vegetable production are designed for vegetable inter-lighting, having a positive impact on the additional yield. Combined with the top lighting, they allow to achieve the most effective plant lighting and improve the control over growth process.

Lighting diagram UnionPowerStar-175W-M

Lighting diagram:

LED lamp UnionPowerStar-175W-M for vegetable production allows to optimize the microclimate inside the plant cenosis due to the uniform distribution of light and heat energy inside the plant, thereby ensuring the yield increase.

Suspension system:

Suspension system

«Union» phyto lamp test results

Without supplementary lightingWith supplementary lighting

Test results


Test results


Test results


Test results


Advantages are obvious

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